February 1 at Mt. Bethel

It was back to a normal style of worship today, but with a lot of different songs — not the normal set.  All in all, it was very good!

January 25 at Mt. Bethel

They played the whole set in an acoustic/bluegrass style.  It was pretty cool!  It made the songs very different, which is a nice change of pace from time to time.

Great set this morning at Mt. Bethel

It may have been more the band than the set (they were really playing well together), but it was a solid set nonetheless.

This Sunday at River CC

Sounds like Conner put together a pretty good set this week at River CC.  It’s a bit heavy on Wickman and Crowder, but I don’t think that’s ever a problem. 🙂

Don’t forget to send us your setlists.  We’ll post them up here with a link to your site and everybody wins!

November 9 at Mt. Bethel

Cool set today.  They rocked out “Typical” pre-service (sort of), then went into the main set.  It was good way to make sure everyone was awake!